Yesterday I gained my first Microsoft Certification. I’ve completed the exam for AZ-900. What can I tell you? The Microsoft Learn material is going to get you through but might be a little more challenging if you don’t have any time using the platform? On that, utilise the sandbox activities provided to increase your applied Skillset. Use free hours as well, sign up for a free account and use it. If you’re a real green person, no experience, take your time and fully understand cloud principals. Those are the bits which apply to the way cloud works regardless of platform, AWS, Azure of GCP

I had also completed the 2 days of 4 hours workshop provided free by Microsoft to get a free exam voucher, you’re mad not to do it. Make sure you turn up for the entire session on both days or you might miss out on your voucher. Login just before if you need to and mute the tab in your browser so you’re logging the entire time on the session if you need to meet another commitment urgently. I’ll add ask questions while in the sessions, it’s beginner level training so don’t feel bad about the level of questions you want to ask.

The breadth of the material on Learn has all you need to know, but get in deep and truly understand the provided information, the subtleties of VM configuration options explained and storage. I haven’t done an online exam as is now widely available prior to this. Why this one, well, it meant I could get a level of how well I knew the broad basics of Azure. Also, with the free voucher, I could test out online proctoring, learn a bit about the Microsoft exam style and if all goes well end up with the cert. Oh, and if you want to know I got an 805, making it mid zone in the passing marks. Not brilliant, but not scraping by.

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