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A day of reckoning with my future and football

As many Australian football fans have seen, they have met the announcement by the APL that they had signed a multiyear agreement with the NSW government to hold the grand finals in Sydney with revolt.

DotNet User Secrets

Dotnet or .Net User-Secrets are a super useful feature to allow you not to have to manage some local variables..

Azure Data Factory Variables are Problematic

I’m doing some Azure Data Factory work and encountered the problem alluded to in the Azure documentation, and I have..

Merge for Loading Data Vault raw

Some example code for SQL Merge to load data vault constructs

Open Letter to the Australian Professional League

The APL has taken over professional football in Australia, but it’s failed to deliver the goods in 20-21-2022 and hasn’t shown the fans the next season

Make a Booking

Book an appointment with Peter McLarty using Setmore